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Welcome to A. Unruh Chiropractic Clinic

A Unique Approach To Health

Progress is our middle name, and since 1970 we are proud to offer the latest in diagnostic technology and therapies for a wide variety of ailments. All of our treatment of your pain is without drugs and surgery utilizing the latest in alternative medicine.

Dr. Allen Unruh is certified in treatment of many acute and chronic pain syndromes. This includes distraction manipulation - a very gentle procedure to realign discs in the spine. Some of the causes of these pain syndromes include whiplash injury, herniated and ruptured disc syndromes, sciatic nerve pain, failed back surgery syndromes, cervical and migraine headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain and degenerative disc diseases of the spine. Extremity pain of the shoulders, tendinitis of the elbows, and hand and wrist. Pain in the hip, knee and feet are effectively cared for without drugs or surgery. After the process of healing has occurred, we also offer Wellness Programs to keep your body running at it's best.



I used the Contour Light 3 times o week for o month. After the first week, I noticed my clothing was getting loose. After my final visit, I was down 1B inches. I needed new clothing because all my clothes were sagging. I would recommend it to anyone desiring o change in their shape and willing to follow the protocols. It's been well worth it!
-Chris M.

I received 12 treatments with the Contour Light over the course of about 6 weeks. Not only did I lose inches to the point where my clothes were loose, the best thing was how it improved my cellulite. I con wear a bathing suit again without feeling self conscious about my legs.
-Melanie D.

The Contour Light system is amazing. Within the first two treatments. I could notice that my skin was becoming more firm and smooth. The light helped me loose inches and also tightened my skin, making me look much younger!
-Catherine G.

I tried the contour light and lost 8" in one session. Amazing! I will be doing more sessions, Try it!!!
- Carol Blomberg

In 2015 my weight and life were out of control.
I started working on loosing, over the last few years, by increasing my activity, and changing my eating habits.
I dropped 40 pounds and maintained my weight for a long term
I was frustrated with the cellulite on my thighs but didn't want surgery.
Dr. Unruh talked with me about the light therapy. I set a goal of wanting to drop 10 more pounds.
I went past my goal and dropped a total of 14 pounds.
It gave me the boost I needed, and I continued to work hard and push for excellence
On December 13th, 2018 I earned my black belt and have a list for 2019.
Thanks Dr. Unruh

- Tracy Talsma

As a contractor, I spent a lot of time engaged in very strenuous physical labor. After three decades of bending, lifting and twisting, I began to have regular bouts of lower back pain. I was getting periodic chiropractic adjustments, but was ignoring my body’s signals that I shouldn’t be trying to work like I was 20 years old instead of 50!

A year and half ago, I was having more intense pain, but kept putting off seeking treatment or even slowing down. Then one day, with the simple act of bending over to move a folding chair, I experienced the most horrific back pain of my life. After a trip to the ER in an ambulance, I needed heavy-duty painkillers even to make it home. An MRI showed some very concerning damage-an extruded herniated disc.

I’m self-employed and support my family with my contracting business. After getting the results of the MRI, I went home, the pain a constant reminder that not only was my general well-being in jeopardy, but my livelihood as well. Many people seek surgery with this kind of diagnosis, but I had heard too many stories of failed procedures. I wanted a successful outcome so I turned to Dr. Allen Unruh knowing he had an amazing track record of helping patients avoid surgery.

I am so grateful I did. Thanks to his adjustment style and the Cox Distraction Instrument he could offer for my specific kind of injury, I am happy to say I am another one of his success stories. I haven’t needed surgery, I do not need any type of pain management-prescription or over the counter- and most days I can say I’m pain free.

Dr. Unruh laid out a very strict protocol of what physical activities I can and cannot do and by following his instructions, getting regular chiropractic adjustments and making changes in the way I run my business, I am back to working and living a full and productive life.

- Anonymous

Celluma Light Therapy Testimonial

I had fallen within my home on the stairs this past February. As a result of that fall, I developed a very intense tingle that radiated from my left shoulder all the way to my hand.

The level of pain would vary from one day to the next, and it never went away. It always felt like it was asleep.

Furthermore, ibuprofen and other pain relievers offered minimal relief, if any.

Adjustments would help the level of intensity for a day or so, but then the pain would return to the same level as before.

This annoying sensation was very distracting and with the exception of walking, the pain would prevent me from doing any exercise whatsoever.

I do a lot of travel for work, and flights were almost unbearable due to the pain.

At night, sleep was compromised and I would often wake up. The sensation got so bad, I sought out treatment from my physician.

He suggested I schedule a nerve study, which I went ahead and scheduled.

Fortunately, this was around the same time I was introduced to light therapy. After the first session, I noticed improvement in my left arm after a day or two.

The intensity of the pain had diminished, and I was delightfully surprised that the intensity did not return to the level it was prior to the treatment.

With each subsequent treatment I noticed a reduction in pain. I decided to cancel the nerve study since I was finally starting to feel better.

By the fifth treatment, there was no more pain radiating down my arm. I truly feel the light therapy gave me my life back.

I continue to be pain free in my shoulder and my arm now for about three weeks and am so glad I didn't have to spend hundreds, if not thousands, on a nerve study.

- Corey J., patient of the clinic since the actual 9-11


Back Surgery Prevented!

My name is Kayla Larson. I am 27 years old. I twisted and injured my low back and developed acute low back pain. It progressively got so bad I had sharp pain down both legs to my feet. I had therapy, drugs, and injections which didn’t relieve it. My orthopedist said I had to have back surgery because I had two herniated discs in my low back. I couldn’t sit, walk or lie down without severe pain. It was painful just walking. When I asked the Orthopedist if Chiropractic could help with Dr. Unruh he said there was only a slim chance but a much greater chance it would make it worse. He kept steering me to surgery which was his only solution.

My mother frantically called Dr. Allen Unruh asking if there were any chance he could help with two herniated discs. He said the Orthopedist probably has it all wrong. There’s a slim chance he would help. Surgery at my age is very costly and risky. He said that 50% of the successful surgeries have the same back and leg pain within a year. Surgery should be a last resort. He said with his specialized spinal distraction instrument combined with intensive care with the Vax-D spinal decompression instrument would be worth trying for at least a month.

I can’t believe the difference! In just three weeks my back pain is gone. I no longer have any pain down my left leg and my right leg pain is about 90% better. I can sit, walk and lay down and sleep without sharp pains. I would have had the expensive surgery and my summer would have been gone in therapy and rehab afterwards. Nobody should have back surgery until they have seen Dr. Allen Unruh. I thank him so much for giving me my life back again pain free and not having to worry about future back surgery.


Thank God I found Dr. Unruh! My name is Kevin Underberg. All my life I have done heavy construction work. It’s very physical. All the stress and strain caused my neck pain to progressively get worse for months, to the point where I could not turn my head at all to the left or even look up. Driving a fork lift, it became almost impossible to see what I was doing because of the sharp pain. I was down to sleeping one hour per night. I just don’t like to see doctors, buy my pain was unbearable. X-rays showed degenerating discs and spurs. The pain radiated down my arms and sharp into my upper back. The first visit, I was a little worse, which Dr. Unruh explained was part of healing and re-alignment. I couldn’t believe in just two weeks’ time, my pain in my upper back and arms was 90% gone. I could turn my head to the left with ease. I can sleep at night. And yesterday, I had no neck pain even after a long day’s work. The distraction to my neck and manipulation is gentle and safe and it was a “hurt so nice” feeling after each visit. I highly recommend anyone with neck pain to see Dr. Unruh. He said his policy is a “miracle a day.” I’m so glad I was one of them.


My name is Sheila Johnson and I am from Sioux Falls, SD… I have been suffering from chronic neck, shoulder, back and arm pain for years. About 2 months ago the pain in my neck and shoulder became unbearable. I could barely make it through the work day. By the time I got home all I wanted to do is sit in my chair with an ice pack on. Cooking dinner and normal activities were almost impossible, not to mention what a grouch I was. I had to take ibuprofen daily just to be able to fall asleep at night and make it through the day. Finally, I couldn’t take it anymore. I made an appointment with Dr. Unruh. He took x-rays and told me I had what was called ‘forward next syndrome”, a large spur and degenerating discs. He suggested I do rehab to strengthen my neck. After just 2 months it is amazing how much it has improved. The pain is pretty much gone and I now only have to come in for routine adjustments. If you haven’t tried chiropractic treatment, I strongly suggest you do. Give Dr. Unruh a call today! You’ll be glad you did!

My name is Calvin;

I'm writing this for all patients contemplating back surgery. My advice: Don't do it until you have seen Dr. Allen Unruh for at least a month and commit to following his advice.

When I first came in I could hardly walk. I couldn't sit, lay down, or stand up without pain. The pain went from my back all the way down to my foot. It was a sharp and shooting and burning pain. It would wake me up and I couldn't get comfortable to get back to sleep.

My dilemma: I had committed a trip on a motorcycle with my buddy in which every year we ride 1000 miles in 24 hours. This year we planned on going to Salt Lake City Utah. Even the suggestion of not taking this trip by Dr. Unruh went in one ear and out the other. It was unacceptable. The trip was scheduled in 6 weeks and I told Dr. Unruh to just pop that bone back in place so I could get on my bike and ride, and ride and ride.

He tried to explain that sciatic nerve pain is not something that just goes away in 10 minutes. Especially one that causes the type of pain I had. He suggested an MRI and possibly an injection which I very reluctantly agreed to. The results were a LARGE EXTRUDED DISC with a hemangioma (blood clot) on the nerve.

Dr. Unruh explained I had several options:

1. Do nothing and hope it goes away - the odds are zip.

2. Live on drugs - only treats the symptoms.

3. Have back surgery - skip the trip and be laid up for quite a while. It's risky and very expensive.

4. Last, Get Chiropractic adjustments with the Cox distraction instrument daily for a month, and there is a good chance the pain and inflammation would subside enough to go on the trip. Also, he explained that often blood clots like this can reabsorb in the body as he continually distracts the discs apart. The distraction also creates a suction on the disc to bring the extruded disc off the nerve.

I had an injection, and took some pain pills at first because the pain was unbearable. The first week I started getting relief. Over the month the pain gradually left my leg but continued into my hip and my calf was still sensitive. The week before leaving my leg and back pain were completely gone.

I went on the trip. Rode 2600 miles in 4 days and I continue to feel great. Like Dr. Unruh said he does not take the credit because the human body did the miracle. His job is to convince people to have more faith in the human body than man made chemicals and a knife. I'm sure glad I did and highly recommend anyone else with sciatic pain like I had to get see Dr. Allen Unruh FIRST!

My name is Dennis;

I've had Parkinson's disease now for the last few years. My wife has been getting treatment at Dr. Unruh's office for her lower back with sciatic pain and multiple disc injuries. I decided to take advantage of Dr. Unruh's summer special of AquaMed therapy sessions while I came to the office with her. Dr. Unruh said the AquaMed therapy provides 4 different kinds of therapy: Heat, massage, hydrotherapy and intersegmental traction to the spine. It provides for lymphatic drainage, relaxes tense muscles and improves circulation. I've been getting daily treatments with this therapy. After a few weeks I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my Parkinson's symptoms. I don't wake up in the night like I used to, I sleep much better and my shaking has even improved. Most days I took up to 16,000 mg of Ibuprofen and I had to massage my legs every day for relief which I no longer have to do. In addition I have been taking about 1/3 the amount of Prozac because I just plain feel good. I highly recommend anyone with neurological problems to get AquaMed therapy on a regular basis. You'll be glad you did and the treatment feels tremendous.

New York Giants player gets relief from Dr. Unruh!

Dr. Unruh did a miracle on my shoulder in just minutes. His expertise and knowledge are un-matched. The pain and stiffness were gone within the first 15 minutes of his treatment, and his products proved to be extremely effective. As an athlete I have tried many "new" products over the years, but I can truly say this worked wonders. I consider Dr. Unruh's professional advice, and insight on the physical body invaluable. All I can say is THANK YOU.


Keith Davis

I have been doing heavy construction for thirty plus years. It requires heavy lifting on a daily basis. I have had recurring back pain over the years but the last six months the pain became so constant and sometimes unbearable. My back would be in so much spasm at times that just sitting in my truck for a half hour, I literally could not get out of the truck. I tried epidurals which only gave temporary relief. MRI's showed disc bulges in my back and the neurosurgeon did not recommend surgery for my chronic problems. The risks were greater than the potential benefit. Pain pills did not help much. The Chiropractor I was seeing recommended that I try Dr. Allen Unruh and his distraction table. I am sure glad that the profession works together for the benefit of the patient. It made all the difference to me. At first, I was extremely sensitive to the treatment Dr. Unruh gave. He could hardly move me without pain and spasm. He saw me frequently and each visit he would stretch my spine a little further as much as I could tolerate. After my range of motion kept improving, my pain gradually decreased in my low back and leg. My upper back and neck also improved. Dr. Unruh then recommended a rehab strengthening program to stabilize my back and improve muscle function. It's been about three months of care and the last two weeks I am happy to report I have hardly had any more pain! I shudder to think where my life would be had I not followed through with the recommended program. Surgery was not an option, living on drugs was not an option and living in pain was not an option. If you have chronic pain, don't put it off until you can't move like I did. As Dr. Unruh said "too many people sacrifice their health to obtain their wealth, and then they must re-spend their wealth to try to get their health back." Dr. Unruh and I were joking about the importance of each profession. He said once again fancy home can be built by the master. I told him that if it weren't for Chiropractic, this world would be nothing but a bunch of humped backed homeless people sitting on the street. He almost cried just thinking about it! Thanks again Dr. Unruh and staff for everything!
- Alan Amdahl

In November 2006 I suffered a whiplash injury in a car accident and began having migraines soon after. These headaches are severe and debilitating, with nausea, light & noise sensitivity - the works! What I love about the Migra Spray is that it seems to short circuit the really awful symptoms that have sent me to my bed, at times for a whole day. Migra Spray turns a migraine into a headache and a second dose can completely eliminate symptoms. I think it's remarkable!
- Kyra Bymers

I am a RE/MAX real estate agent. I take my job very seriously. I believe that all selling is relationship building. Meeting my customer's needs in all aspects of their lives is one of the most rewarding things I do. They have confidence in me and my judgment after we become friends. When I first came to Dr. Unruh years ago, I came straight from my Orthopedist. I could hardly walk with the pain in my back, hip and leg. None of their suggestions were giving me relief and I certainly didn't want surgery. Dr. Unruh had me feeling better the very first day and I've been a believer ever since. One of the most stressful parts of moving to a new location is that you have to find a new church, a new dentist, a new medical doctor, and/or a new CHIROPRACTOR. People frequently ask, "Where can I find a good Chiropractor?" Without hesitation I refer them to Dr. Unruh. His staff really cares about his patients. His office provides not only friendly service, but high quality care. Utilizing the latest in Chiropractic technology, Dr. Unruh provides gentle care to help people get well naturally. I have probably referred 25 patients to Dr. Allen Unruh over the years and the feedback I get back from them is: "Thank you so much for referring me for the quality of care I needed." When people are suffering, helping them to feel better is a big bonus for the work I do on top of providing a nice home for them. Some of you reading this may have a friend or relative who is complaining of headaches, neck pain, back pain or radiating pain. Don't hesitate to help them. Without your suggestion they may suffer needlessly for a long time. Health is a priceless possession. The effects of a kind word of referral can change someone's life forever.
- Celia Hogan, RE/MAX Real Estate Agent, Sioux Falls

My name is Del Webb and I have been a patient of Dr. Unruh's for five years, ever since he helped my wife with her Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. When I first came to see Dr. Unruh, I suffered from weakness in the legs, and could not sit, walk or work. I also couldn't lift my arms or turn my neck. I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis, and congenital neck fusion. Additionally I had carpel tunnel in both hands.

At this point I was on a lot of pain medication and could not work. I also had to give up the things I enjoyed doing like hunting and bowling. I spent much of my time in bed, and had to lie on a mattress in the back of a van in order to get to my various doctor appointments.

Doctors at Mayo Clinic recommended three surgeries - one for each arm and for my back. I was told that only 50% of back surgery patients got better, and that one in a thousand came out paralyzed. I did not want to undergo surgery, but didn't know what else to do. I finally decided to try chiropractic and I am so glad I did. I began to improve rapidly and each year I continue to get better.

All the treatments at Dr. Unruh's office are pain free - except for the jokes! I have recommended several people to his practice and will continue to do so. Thank you Dr. Unruh.

I developed severe pain in my neck radiating down my right arm. The pain kept getting worse for several months. My MD gave me muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory drugs. It didn't give much relief. I told my husband my pain was so bad I felt like cutting my arm off. It was burning, throbbing and shooting. I couldn't sit at a computer it became so bad. It affected my ability to sleep. My MD sent me to a specialist who did an MRI and he told me I had C4-5 disc degeneration with spurs. He wanted to take bone from my hip and put two metal plates along side of my vertebrae in my neck. It would be permanent. My sister had the same surgery which cost her $30,000.00 and she still has the same problem.

My sister told me to see Dr. Unruh. He examined me and recommended a course of treatment with his distraction instrument. I canceled the surgery. I started to get relief right away. The treatment felt great. It was very relaxing. Gradually the pain went completely away. I can turn my head any direction without pain. I have no arm pain. I can sleep all night and am not taking any medication at all. I am so glad I never had the surgery on my neck. Nobody should have surgery until they try this first. I feel great and just get adjustments now once each month to keep feeling great. I highly recommend Dr. Allen Unruh to anybody before you have surgery of your spine.
- Elaine E.

I had a sciatic nerve problem which gave me a lot of trouble. I had lots of pain for quite a few months. Then I saw Dr. Unruh's ad on TV, so off to Sioux Falls I went to see him.

I started treating with Dr. Unruh, three days a week for approximately a year and a half, and it REALLY helped. Today I still take treatments every once in a while for sporadic numbness in my leg and ankle. I am 89 years old and chiropractic care keeps me in optimum health. The Cox table at Dr. Unruh's is very good at stretching you out, which I need really badly.

I would recommend others to Dr. Unruh for all their aches and pains.
- Henrietta Gayken

The greatest invention since chocolate milk and sliced bread is Dr's Pain Formula! I buy six at a time and give it to friends. They love it. They thank me for introducing them to this great product.

It has helped my hip pain as well as my neck and shoulder pain. Within five minutes of applying, the pain is substantially decreased. I highly recommend it for any acute or chronic pain. Once you have tried Dr's Pain Formula, you will never need anything else.
- Celia Hogan

I have tried a lot of different things such as; watching what kinds of food I eat to different kinds of prescription drugs, but nothing seemed to help. In January and February of this year I had 10 migraines. I had gone to the emergency room one morning with a severe migraine. By that night my migraine had gotten so bad that I didn't know what to do. All I wanted was for the pain to go away. I woke up the next morning and my migraine was still there. It lasted about 3 days. I told my husband "that's it". I had to try something else because I just couldn't take it anymore, and I had missed a lot of work because of my migraines. I had seen one of Dr. Unruh's commercials on TV, and a friend of mine had also recommended I go to see him. I thought I would give this a try since nothing else had seemed to work.

When I first visited Dr. Unruh's office everyone was so friendly they made me feel right at home. They took some X-Rays and then examined me. Dr. Unruh then decided that he would put me in a Rehab program three times a week. At first I thought WOW, three times a week is a lot of driving. I live about 1 ½ hours away. But I decided I might as well try it, what else do I have to lose. I started going three times a week to rehab for a month and then we dropped it down to twice a week for a month. Well I am glad I say that I have gone 2 months without a migraine. I have more energy than I have ever had before, and I feel great. When I started Rehab my range of motion was about 20% and now I'm at about 75-80%. Every week I am improving. The rehab I do is not painful at all. I do simple daily exercises everyday that they recommended for me, and it really seems to help improve the muscles in my neck. My range of motion in my neck is much better and now I can even touch my chin to my shoulder without any pain, which I haven't been able to do for a very long time. I really enjoy working with Dr. Unruh and his wonderful staff.

I thought I would hate coming to Sioux Falls three times a week, because I do have a very busy schedule at home. Now I look forward to coming to Dr. Unruh's office for my appointments. I know that the work that I am doing is paying off, because the pain is slowly going away. Like Dr. Unruh said, "You've had migraines for 30 years, we just can't get rid of them in a few weeks. It'll take some time."

I recently went golfing with my daughter. Last year when I would go, my neck and shoulders would be so sore in the morning I could hardly move. This year is a totally different story. I feel no pain in my neck and shoulders, and when I wake up in the morning my neck is not stiff anymore.

I would recommend to anyone that has migraines or neck and shoulder pain to visit Dr. Unruh and his staff, and see what they can do for you. He will make a difference in your life to. Thank you to Dr. Unruh and his staff at A. Unruh Chiropractic for giving me my life back.
- Kristi T.

Hi my name is Melvin VanLiere. I have had chronic low back pain and leg pain for years. It had progressively gotten worse. I tried the gamut of medical care and therapy with no help. It got to the point when I was walking all bent over and moving with two inch steps. The pain was becoming unbearable and I was almost ready for the nursing home. I could barely walk.

I heard about Dr. Allen Unruh and decided to give him a try. I asked him if he could help me. He was honest and said, "Your back problems are really chronic and you have multiple degenerative discs. I have no idea if we can help you, but you have basically three options: 1. You can learn to live with the pain (not an option). 2. You can go live in the nursing home and cope with it by taking drugs. 3. You can try one last ditch effort to improve your health naturally. If you decide to try our method of care distracting the spine, it will take at least a two month commitment at about three times a week. Everything we do is natural and treatment will be modified to your individual motion of the spine. There is no risk to the care we give, and in two months you may improve but there are no guarantees it will help."

I decided to commit to two months of regular care as the nursing home didn't sound exciting, and with surgery I may never walk again. I also knew that I couldn't live with the pain. I admit, I was extremely skeptical but didn't have a lot of options.

After going through Dr. Unruh's recommended course of care, I can't tell you how my life has changed for the better. I am now golfing four to five times/week. I am able to go bowling. I can mow my own lawn. I can drive my own car. I couldn't do any of those things prior to coming to Dr. Unruh.

Now, consider this: The nursing home would have cost me over $100,000.00/year just to live. The drugs would have cost me much more than the Chiropractic care I received. I'm not living on pain pills any more. Dr. Unruh emphasized that the human body can perform miracles if you just give it a chance. I'm glad I put my faith in the healing power of the human body rather than man made chemicals. I must also emphasize that the specialized care with the distraction instrument Dr. Unruh uses is gentle and it feels great to be stretched. I was so stiff I could hardly walk. Medicare this last year expanded prescription drug benefits for seniors. However, they are cracking down on Chiropractic care to help pay for more drugs. I am living proof that this is the exact opposite of the direction health care should be going for senior citizens. We need more opportunities to stay well naturally and enjoy life. Dr. Unruh has kept me moving and enjoying life again. I highly recommend anyone to get the care he recommends to get the results I did. The benefits are miraculous.

It is not acceptable! To continue my life without bedside nursing and my de-stressors of backpacking, hiking, canoeing, and skiing is not acceptable. I must be able to enjoy my career, the outdoors and enjoy doing the activities I once did. I know there is a solution, and I found it!

After 7 years, 3 rounds of Physical Therapy, MRI's of my neck and lower back, nerve conduction studies, labeled with diagnosis after diagnosis, 2 epidurals, and several different consulting physicians, I finally found Dr. Unruh. My original symptoms included numbness and tingling to the outside of my right foot and Sciatica pain. After the 2 epidurals, the Sciatica was virtually gone, but I still had numbness and tingling to the outside of my foot. It had been so bad at one time that the only thing that helped was to stand on my feet all day. As a Registered Nurse, that is pleasing to my employer, but my body was aching all over and I was becoming stiff. I could not find a way to refresh my body. When I would sleep, the only tolerable position was the fetal position, and even then, the pain would wake me several times a night. When I would sit, I would have to sit on my foot with my leg bent, and leaning ahead. A recliner was out of the question.

I had thought that acupuncture was the answer, but my medical doctor wanted to try one more thing, if I was willing. Well, I was ready for anything by this point. The suggestion was to be seen by Dr. Unruh. I made the call that day and was seen within 2 days. At my first appointment, I met Dr. Unruh's staff and Dr. Unruh. They were all very pleasant, helping me navigate through Chiropractic Care. An x-ray was done of my spine. Each step that was made was carefully explained to me. Our original plan was to have Rehab on my lower back 2 times per week and Dr. Unruh's Cox Distraction table 3 times a week for 4 weeks, then decrease to 2 times a week for 4 weeks and re-evaluate.

Before coming to Dr Unruh's clinic, I also had neck pain, occasional dizziness and decreased ROM from years of aggressive mountain biking. I had resolved, after seeing medical doctors and Physical Therapy, that nothing could be done and I would have to live with it. I was not willing to take anti-inflammatory on a daily basis. Dr. Unruh figured out early in my visits to the Cox distraction table that there was more injury to my neck than I was willing to admit. My mind has changed… my neck will be healed.

My first few visits were painful from neck spasms. Although, the feeling was uncomfortable, Dr. Unruh took the time to coach me to make it tolerable. I appreciate the extra attention that he spent to decrease the pain. Even though the pain was apparent, I felt the need to get through the first few sessions and I would get better. Thanks to Dr. Unruh's diligence, I was able to maintain that feeling. When lying on the Cox distraction table, Dr. Unruh would say between one liners, "we are stretching and strengthening, allowing those nerves to fire into the muscles". And, that is exactly what continues to happen. 7 years ago, I was a strong, flexible, vibrant backpacker, and then I became a weak, stiff, achy body, and NOW, back to being energetic, flexible and vibrant. Is my youth returning?

With the triple combination of Cox therapy, MedX Rehab and Hydrotherapy, I have increased the strength in my neck, back and legs 2 fold in 4 weeks. My body is not as stiff as it used to be. I can now sit back and relax in a recliner to read a book or pluck my guitar. I can cuddle with my golden lab, Buck, on the floor easily without having to roll to get up. I can sleep though the night without the pain waking me up and having to reposition. My neck moves freely without pain, spasms or dizziness. I look forward to a couple more months of healing then portaging the trails of Boundary Waters Canoe Area with my solo canoe on my shoulders without neck/back pain.

What I like about Dr. Unruh is that he is a very attentive person. He genuinely cares and is up to date on the latest advancements in Chiropractic Care. He keeps himself well educated and invests himself into his patients. To him, every day is a good day, and he is not afraid to tell you why it is a good day. He strives for success by making his patients his success!
- Patti P.

I'm a true believer in Dr's Pain Formula pain relief cream. I started using it shortly after it was available at Dr. Unruh's chiropractic clinic in April and still use it faithfully.

I was having severe pain in my hips that would sometimes shoot down my legs. The pain would wake me up during the night, especially when I would turn from side to side, sometimes preventing me from sleeping on my side. The pain would also cause discomfort at my job. My job requires me to be on the move all the time, plus being on the floor and sitting on small chairs. I work with small children, so I need to be pretty mobile and free to move quickly.

Dr. Unruh suggested I try Dr's Pain Formula along with the adjustments that I was getting. First thing in the morning I would use Dr's Pain Formula and at least two to three more times a day. Gradually I could tell the difference and wasn't experiencing as much pain in my hips. I could finally turn from side to side in bed and not get sharp pains that would wake me and keep me awake.

I am still faithfully using Dr's Pain Formula and always have it on hand. It's the best muscle and joint relief cream I've ever used. Thanks Dr. Unruh for helping me to finally get relief.

Free to Move With Ease,

Cindy Short

Hello, my name is Ron Shelburg. I want to tell you about the miracle of Chiropractic. I'm living proof. Here's my story. About 32 years ago, I was riding my motorcycle when a truck came through an intersection and ran over me. It was a severe accident and they showed me pictures of my hand sticking out from under the truck. I was told it was a miracle I lived through that accident. I was unconscious and taken to the emergency room. I had to have a knee replaced, my hip replaced, and bone from my hip was grafted onto my neck. The surgery for my neck didn't work and another surgery was performed. I continued to have constant pain and the Orthopedist told me to never move my neck as it could damage my spinal cord. Neck was slow progression to date. Because of my legs giving out, I had a fall that caused my neck to get progressively worse. I was told to never ever go to a Chiropractor or I could be paralyzed.

I suffered for over 24 years with constant pain in my neck and upper back. I had to turn my whole body whenever I talked to people as I could not move my head and neck. I also had upper extremity pain. The pain literally qualified me for permanent total disability and I haven't been able to work since. Life to me was just existing on pain pills, and doing minimal activities every day due to pain.

My wife happened to go to Dr. Allen Unruh in Sioux Falls, SD on referral from a friend. She had constant headaches and neck pain. She received dramatic relief from his specialized type of treatment. She insisted I at least give it a try. I was extremely skeptical and scared to death to try a Chiropractor due to what all my MD's told me. Reluctantly I walked into Dr. Unruh's office. He examined me and took some x-rays. He explained my problem and honestly said he didn't know how much he could help me but his treatment would be very gentle using what he called the Cox Distraction Instrument. Dr. Unruh places his hand on my neck while I'm lying down and the neck part of the table gently stretches my neck. It also moves my head sideways and rotates my neck. Just slight movement at first caused pain and discomfort. Dr. Unruh only moved my neck as far as I could tolerate.

He explained how important motion is to healing. How it improves circulation, nutrition, oxygen to the tissues. It releases adhesions that glue the muscle fibers together, and decompresses the discs. It creates a vacuum in the disc allowing the center of the disc to shift taking pressure off the nerves. After the first visit, the color bars in my right eye disappeared. Prior to this treatment I had no peripheral vision for years. It just vanished. By the fourth visit the color bars in my left eye went away. I couldn't believe it. I could see people standing beside me. My range of motion kept improving and the pain started getting less and less. By the end of six weeks, I was feeling like when I was nineteen again. I had 80% improved range of motion. I had no sharp pain and spasms in my neck and upper back. I was sleeping all night. My energy level dramatically improved. I could do things around the house and yard I hadn't done in years.

I suffered for most of my life, learning to live with pain, not realizing the answer was within my body. MD's had no clue what to do. They just knew they didn't want to do any more surgery due to the risks. They said "You'll just have to learn to live with it."

They said surgery was an option but it's not when it doesn't help or work.

I made a special trip back to the three MD's who told me Chiropractic care would paralyze me. I stood between all three doctors and said, "Look at me." "Have you ever seen my neck move like this?" "I have almost normal range of motion and my pain is 90% gone." "I listened to all of you and suffered most of my life because of it." "It's time you tell people about Chiropractic." I have gone from a 100% non believer in Chiropractic to a 100% believer

Dr. Unruh said his policy is a "miracle a day." I'm living proof. The healing power was always within my own body and not in a bottle of pills or in a knife. Even if people have had multiple surgeries in the neck; who would have thought Chiropractic care would fix it? If you have had failed neck or back surgery, I highly recommend Chiropractic care, and especially the technique using Cox distraction for the spine. It's a gentle and safe way back to health.

Hello, my name is Kyra Bymers. I want to tell you about the miracle I had with Chiropractic after visiting the office of Dr. Allen Unruh in Sioux Falls, SD.

I have had 17 vertebrae fused due to Scoliosis. Several years ago my neck pain became severe. I tried drugs, stronger drugs, injections, and physical therapy. Nothing would give me relief. The pain kept getting worse. It got to the point where I had to lay down every few hours due to the neck pain. I could hardly work. The pain kept me up at night. I couldn't drive car over 30 minutes without neck and upper back pain. Finally, they told me the only thing left was another surgery. They said I would have to fuse four vertebrae in my neck due to multiple disc herniations. However, with a large block of fusion in my thoracic and lumbar spine, and another large block of fusion in my neck with the top three thoracic not fuse it would not be feasible. They would have to fuse the upper three thoracic with it. The only vertebrae left to move would have been the top vertebrae in my neck.

The neurosurgeon said I may not live through the surgery due to my lung and heart problems. He said they had exhausted all other medical options. He suggested I try Dr. Allen Unruh with his Cox distraction technique to see if it would help. My physiatrist also concurred. However, my insurance company resisted thinking I would go through months of therapy, and still have surgery. Surgery was high cost and high risk. You can imagine how skeptical I was about going to a Chiropractor.

Dr. Unruh took some x-rays of my neck and explained what procedure he would try with me using gentle distraction of my spine. He would only move my neck in a tolerable position. However, he explained it would be in multiple positions while my vertebrae were in traction. He also stretched the upper back and did trigger point work on my shoulder and upper back muscles.

I couldn't believe it. The technique felt great. I started feeling better almost immediately. Within a few weeks I was noticing dramatic change. Within a month the pain in my neck was gone. I had been suffering for years, not realizing Chiropractic was the one method of treatment that could have helped me all along.

I've thrown all my drugs down the toilet. I take vitamins and minerals, and natural anti-inflammatory enzymes. My energy level changed dramatically. I couldn't even drive car over 30 minutes, but six weeks later I drove all the way to Pierre, the capital of SD to testify on a parity bill for the SDCA. The preposterous thing was that insurance companies testified against the bill and even threatened to have to leave the state if they paid Chiropractors parity even for a few codes. Why should MD's get three times more money for the same x-ray? Or get paid twice as much as a Chiropractor when their exam of the spine lasts two minutes and they don't even touch you? And if they couldn't afford to pay Chiropractors parity where were they going to come up with the $389,000.00 to pay for my surgery that could have killed me?

Chiropractors lost their parity bill because the medical profession and pharmaceutical industry were just too powerful. But they should not be allowed to monopolize the third party system. They virtually own it in SD.

I have learned that Chiropractic is a miracle. It does what no other health profession does. Chiropractic care gets people well naturally. I consider it a miracle from a woman who would have had every bone in her spine fused except for one. But thanks to Chiropractic care that didn't have to happen.

P.S.: I went about 6 months with no pain and I got pushed off a jungle gym where I work and fell 8 feet down to the ground. I broke my right arm in multiple places. I started having neck pain, arm pain and lower back pain again. I had surgery on my arm and started developing reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD). Dr. Unruh again, was my doctor after the cast was put on, and I can thankfully say, I am recovering just like the last time, even though my case is extremely complicated. Dr. Unruh with the Cox distraction instrument he uses can literally perform miracles. Dr. Unruh is using cold laser therapy on my arm and wrist, Aqua Med therapy beds for my muscles, home rehab exercises that are specific for my condition, nutrition, and the latest Cox distraction instrument for my neck and back. I am thankful there are doctors who are out there who are committed to providing the highest quality care to their patients, even though the insurance system we have is committed to providing the least care to supposedly save costs, which eventually always costs a lot more. Finally, my surgeon's PA told me there was a gentleman who had almost the same surgery the same day, and I was doing ten times better. They have also asked for information on the nutritional products Dr. Unruh prescribed for me. Maybe my results with Chiropractic care will help build bridges between other patients and doctors, at least I hope so!

My name is Doug Pottebaum. I have had back problems for many years but this last year I had a fall which was the straw that broke the camel's back. I developed acute lower back pain which lasted 4 ½ months. I had to walk bent forward at a 30 degree angle. If I tried to straighten up my legs would give out on me immediately. I could not work all this time in my job as a concrete worker. I had physical therapy, and medications and nothing seemed to help. MRI's of my spine revealed I had SEVERE spinal stenosis of multiple discs and I was scheduled to have back surgery. After surgery I would have had to have at least three more months of rehab with no work.

That's when I heard of Dr. Allen Unruh and his flexion/distraction technique. I came to Dr. Unruh the week before surgery which was already scheduled. I received so much relief the first adjustment I cancelled the surgery. Within five visits I could stand up straight. I was amazed. Who would have thought a severe stenosis could respond so rapidly to Chiropractic care? Dr. Unruh now has me on rehab strengthening and I am continuing to improve each week. The pain in my legs is almost gone. I can walk without pain, stand up straight, and I returned to light duty work within two weeks of care. I highly recommend for anyone to try Dr. Allen Unruh prior to any back surgery. You have nothing to lose. I'm sure glad I did. The treatment is gentle, and painless. In fact, it feels good to stretch out the discs of your spine.

Before coming to Dr. Unruh's office I would dread going to the chiropractor. Now I look forward to coming in for adjustments and also the rehab. The adjustments feel good and the rehab is slightly painful, but I know it is all worth it because of the full mobility of my back now. I have my life back now without surgery thanks to the Dr's technique.

Thank you Dr. Unruh,

Doug Pottebaum

P.S. My numbness is completely gone and I am sleeping all night. I also am able to ride the lawn mower and am starting back to my daily routine.

My name is Robert Ueland. I started having problems with my lower back and feet about eight months ago. I work as a mechanic, and standing on concrete 8-10 hours per day really made me sore and tired at the end of each day.

I ignored my pain at first because I thought it was temporary and would go away. Exercising and stretching helped but did not fix the problem. Eventually the pain got worse, and I began to limp around the shop.

I decided to make an appointment with Dr. Unruh to see what was wrong. I expected the worst. I thought I was going to have to come to the chiropractor for a long time. In the first appointment I found out that I had one leg shorter than that other, and that I have high arches in my feet. I couldn't believe I had been walking around my whole life like this and never knew it. These were the reasons for my back pain.

Dr. Allen and his staff showed me what was wrong with my feet and back. The cox table stretches out parts you can't do yourself, and the hydrotherapy feels great. With the therapy and custom fit insoles, I was pack to 100% in about two months! It took some time to get used to the insoles, but I'm glad I stuck with it, because my back now feels a lot better.

I never thought I would need to see the chiropractor until I got older. I would encourage anyone who has any pain to get help. No job is worth killing yourself over. Overall, I am very happy with the results. Thank you Dr. Unruh!

Robert Ueland

Hi. My name is Shawna VanVoorst. This past March I had started having some increasing back pain that I thought would just go away after a shorttime. After a few weeks it was not going away, in fact it was getting much worse. So I started going to a chiropractor for the first time in my life. He did some adjustments on me and it seemed to be doing better. Then this past May, I had a major relapse in my recovery. It was the final straw. At this point, I could no longer sit or lay down without shooting pain down my left leg caused by bulging discs in my back which in turn pinched my sciatic nerve. There was also numbness in my foot because of the pinched nerve. So back to the chiropractor I went. I also used some medications, received shots, ice and heat to try and receive some relief. This injury was affecting every aspect of my life. I could no longer effectively do my job because I could not sit for more than a few minutes at the computer. I was waking up almost every hour because the pain in my leg and back causing me to lose many hours of sleep. This caused a lot of frustration for me in the fact that it was basically taking away my livelihood. It was hard for me to limit the things that I could do in my daily life.

Just when I thought I could not take it anymore and looking at my last option of back surgery, my current chiropractor suggested that I go to Dr. Unruh for specialized treatment. I have to admit that I was skeptical about trying yet another treatment. But after just one week of treatments, my shooting leg pain subsided almost 75% and the last thought on my mind was going in for back surgery. I was amazed at the progress I had made in such short time. I am currently doing the rehabilitation program and continue to get stronger each week. I am able to sleep through the night with little pain and can adequately do my job once again while sitting at the computer. It was truly a blessing that I came to Dr. Unruh for treatment. The treatment is a great stretch for bulging discs in my spine and I usually feel great after I leave Dr. Unruh's office. Plus he usually has a great joke to share every visit. : )

I would highly recommend for anyone who thinks they have no other option but back surgery to come visit Dr. Unruh. He is dedicated to his patients and their well-being. He strives to promote healing of your back without surgery. I am on my way to a pain free every day life. Thanks Dr Unruh!

Thank you Dr. Unruh! My name is Susan Sorensen. Approximately six years ago I was involved in an auto accident and injured my neck and back. Since that accident, my neck has progressively gotten worse every year. I had pain every day that ranged from sharp pain to a throbbing ache. I also had frequent headaches. The pain affected my ability to sleep, lie down and even work. My whole quality of life has been drastically affected by this accident.

I have been to many, many doctors with only minimal results. I heard about Dr. Unruh, and the treatment he gives, and decided to give one more doctor a try. I must admit I was very skeptical, but I had to do something to try and alleviate the severe pain I was having.

I was amazed at the flexion-distraction instrument and how comfortable the treatment was. I started noticing relief from the very first visit, but was still skeptical. However each subsequent visit I continued to improve. Now, just three weeks into treatment using manipulation with cervical distraction, as well as high power laser therapy and rehab strengthening to stabilize my neck, I cannot believe the improvement I have already made.

I am now sleeping all night, my energy level has increased, I have greater flexibility, my range of motion has improved and I no longer get the sharp, stabbing pains I used to have. If anyone would have told me I would get this much time, after suffering for six years, I would have never believed them.

I thank Dr. Allen Unruh for continuing to provide the highest quality care possible. He offers a unique service that no other provider in the region offers, especially for chronic pain patients like me. If you have been having pain that just won't go away after an injury, I urge you to try Dr. Allen Unruh.

My name is Kathy. When I first came to Dr. Unruh I couldn't even walk. My husband almost carried me in. I couldn't sit, lay down or find any comfortable position. My back and leg pain were excruciating. It took me a long time just to get on the table and then I could only lie on my side. The pain was sharp and constant shooting down my left leg.

I knew I didn't want surgery but the pain was unbearable. Dr. Unruh gently kept working with me daily and the pain gradually decreased. Within a month I was back to work, and now I am completing the rehab strengthening program. I improved enough after that first month to go to Cancun Mexico for a vacation and enjoyed the trip!

I am now 500% stronger in my lower back because of the rehab program, and my pain is 90% improved. Now it's simply a mild discomfort and it's not constant like it was. I'm in the home stretch of care, and I'm so glad I didn't rush into surgery. If you have back pain, disc injury, sciatic nerve pain, or pain that won't go away, the distraction Dr. Allen Unruh offers in his office is the best. The treatment is not painful, and in fact, it feels great to gently stretch your spine. You can feel the relief with each treatment. The rehab strengthening also feels good.

Whatever your back pain is, I urge you to first see Dr. Allen Unruh prior to any injections or surgery. You'll be glad you did!

Recently I visited Dr. Unruh's office after an hour long dental appointment with a bite block in. I could only open my mouth as wide as a piece of toast, and that was painful. The pain occurred whenever I opened my mouth, yawned, coughed or chewed. As a result, I was unable to chew or eat anything much more than soup.

A friend told me that she had the same pain after an extended dental appointment, and it took her several months for the pain to recede.

I had been coming to Dr. Unruh for rehab, manipulation and therapies to my back, which tremendously helped. About the time I began having the TMJ problems, Dr. Unruh acquired a new hot laser. I tried it, and after only two treatments I can eat apples again!

The hot laser treatments are painless and take only a few minutes. It felt like warm sunshine on my face.

I would definitely recommend this therapy to anyone in need of serious relief.
- Lisa H.

My name is Michelle from Jasper Minnesota. When I first came to Dr. Allen Unruh I was scheduled for back surgery. I had constant sharp and burning pain in my low back shooting down my leg for 6 months. It started while I was pregnant and kept getting worse even after having the baby. With both my children, I had to have C-sections, and I no longer had any strength in my abdomen. I could not hold my stomach in and had a lot of pain when I tried. After two weeks with Dr. Unruh I felt stronger in the abdominal area, and I can hold my stomach in without pain.

The Orthopedists told me I had a pinched nerve and herniated disc. All the treatment with drugs and injections to my low back did not improve it. Drugs offered little to no relief. I heard about Dr Unruh's office and his specialized treatment for disc problems. I was skeptical but decided to try one more thing prior to surgery.

I got enough relief the first week to cancel my surgery. I'm so glad I did as the pain is not near like it was and I am continuing to improve each week. As the mother of two small children, it's important for me to be able to be active. In my opinion, nobody should have back surgery until they have seen Dr. Unruh first. If you know of anyone contemplating back surgery, tell them about my story. Dr.Unruh has an entire book full of testimonials from people who have prevented back surgery with his method of care. The treatment is gentle and feels great. It's different than any other kind of Chiropractic care I have received in the past.

Dr. Unruh offers a wide variety of natural methods of care, from high powered laser therapy to rehab strengthening. I'm so glad these services are available in this region. Why spend $50,000.00 for surgery if you have a 90% chance of preventing it with natural methods? I highly recommend Dr. Allen Unruh for any back problems or disc injuries people have. Thanks to Dr. Unruh's care, within a month I already feel 80-90% better.

My name is Jennie. I have had lower back pain for four and a half years. It gets so bad that I cannot walk at times. Every day I had some sort of pain from doing ordinary activities. I could not play basketball or volleyball in high school because of this injury, and I have not been able to be very active since, which is something I love.

I went to many doctors and a physical therapist. While all of these people worked very hard for me, they did not have the correct technique needed to heal my problem. I found an article in the newspaper on a new high power laser treatment at Dr. Allen Unruh's office, so I decided to give it a try even though I was skeptical. I have had six treatments now and the results are phenomenal! I can go days without pain, and I do not remember a time when I felt like this before.

The treatments are quick and painless. I will continue to receive the laser and distraction treatments for the even better results I know are coming. I hope to become as active as I was able to be in the past, and hope is something I have not had in a long time.

I would recommend treatment for anyone at Dr. Allen Unruh's office. I am a living testament to the miracle of these treatments.

My Name is Rick. I am 64 years old and semi-retired. I have owned and operated a garbage service for ten years, and often physically handle 7 to 8 tons of garbage each day. We did not have the automated style trucks so I physically had to lift the garbage containers and empty them into the back of the truck. Before that, my daily activities often involved heavy lifting. Although now I know the problem with my back has developed over time, it was not until December of 2008 that I experienced severe pain in my left leg. It felt like a constant charlie horse that never went away. I could not sleep in bed comfortably for over five (5) weeks. Many nights were sleepless due to the pain, and sometimes I laid on the floor with my leg propped up with pillows. I started seeing a chiropractor whose specialty was the neck, and after several treatments there, I was referred to Dr. Unruh.

The original chiropractor I was seeing knew about Dr. Unruh and his success with treating severe lower back issues with his flexion/distraction technique (Cox Table). X-rays taken there revealed problems with compressed discs. After three weeks of daily treatment using the Cox Table and electrical stimulation treatments, the pain is now gone and I have been able to sleep in my own bed for the last couple weeks.

I am still getting treatments but now less often and will be starting physical therapy in a few days to strengthen my back. The prospect of surgery was definitely something I wanted to avoid and decided on a chiropractic approach first before even consulting a physician. I was right in believing that I could get help from a chiropractor and would definitely recommend Dr. Unruh to anyone with back or neck issues.

My name is Nafia. A few months ago I went to my orthopedist because my arms have been going numb for over two years. My neck, upper back and upper extremity pain were progressively getting worse and affecting my work and my sleep. The pain would wake me up at night. I was starting to have a bad attitude from the annoying and aggravating discomfort. The orthopedist clinic did everything they could to dissuade me from seeing Dr. Allen Unruh. They said the MRI showed two herniated discs in my neck and there was no way a chiropractor could help it. I was skeptical myself, but wanted to try something prior to having neck surgery. Dr. Unruh assured me he treats my kind of problem all the time, and said that this could be the one thing that may help. I couldn't believe it.

I started treatment with his method of distracting the spine and the treatment felt really good. Each visit I started to feel some improvement. It wasn't long before the numbness in my arms was gone. My neck and upper back discomfort also disappeared and I no longer get headaches. At first I thought this would be just temporary relief, but the symptoms have still not come back after a month. I did the rehab program to strengthen my neck and I now feel great. Co-workers in my office call Dr. Unruh some kind of magic witch doctor. They can't believe I got well as they have heard me complaining for so long. If you or anyone you know has herniated discs I highly recommend Dr. Allen Unruh. It sure beats living on drugs, getting expensive injections, and for sure, do it before surgery.

Thank you Dr. Unruh. I'm feeling fine in 2009, now that my spine is in line!


My name is Angie Sjaarda. About 18 months ago I was diagnosed with a rare condition called Urticarial Vasculitis. It’s inflammation of the blood vessels so therefore it is incredibly painful and it looks like I had hives all over. I could barely walk, my joints hurt, and I was carrying about 15 extra pounds from all the medications that I was taking and retaining water. My doctors did not know what to do with me because supposedly there is no know cause for the disease and they do not know how to fix it. It is a trial and error system with each patient to see which medications would work for you. After two biopsies, countless blood draws and about four different medications my condition kept getting worse. My doctors did not know what to do. I was referred to the Mayo Clinic, which they did there own tests, so going through three more biopsies, 25 different blood tests and chest x-rays and still no answers. They sent me home with a list of 20 different medications to “try” and still sent a bill of $8000. Being upset and not knowing what to do my father mentioned going to Dr. Unruh for an adjustment. I explained my condition and the medications I was taking. Dr. Unruh mentioned to me the Pulse Magnetic treatments, so I figured why not. I started getting pulse treatments three times a week, and after the first treatment I was feeling better. At the cost of the therapy here verses the cost of having to go to another top notch hospital with extremely skilled doctors, I am saving thousands of dollars. If Dr. Unruh did not suggest the pulse therapy I would be considering going on disability at the age of 29. As I look back I feel silly that I did not mention this sooner to Dr. Unruh. I could have saved thousands of dollars. Thank you Dr. Unruh for being the solution to my problem.


Hi, my name is Carrie Top. I had numbness and tingling, pins and needles, and burning in my hands and all the way up my arms. I was beginning to drop things when the pain would shoot up my arm. These symptom s had become almost constant hindrance to me. It has been consistent for about the last two years. It had been so bad that I could barely make if through my work day and when it was at its worst, I couldn’t do my job. Without the splints, I woke up 2-3 times in the night. It even happened every morning when I woke and worsened when I drove a car or ran my electric toothbrush. I saw another chiropractor who would realign my neck and back, which game me temporary relief, but my symptoms always came back quickly. I saw a surgeon when I could no longer tolerate the pain. He, of course, prescribed surgery within 1 or 2 months. When I came to this office, I was looking for any other remedy than surgery. I was feeling noticeable relief in the first week of treatment. As of my last appointment, I was able to not wear my braces at work for the whole week between appointments. I can do my exercises and the little numbness I did get, was relieved in one month’s time. It feels so good when the doctor uses the Cox table to gently stretch those tight, sore muscles and tendons. I didn’t ever realize that my neck and spine and wrist could be out of alignment that often and the release of that pressure is awesome! I’ve told all my close co-workers and I plan to continue to do so!


Hi my name is Stephanie Kanengieter. Dr. Unruh made me feel great again. I was taking ibuprofen frequently, couldn’t sleep, and had pain constantly in my neck, shoulder blade area, along with headaches. His treatment has changed my life like no amount of medicine could. I highly recommend each and every treatment he prescribes!



My name is Justin Castilleja.

Thank God I found Dr. Unruh. When I came to Dr. Allen Unruh, I told him it was either him or surgery on my neck. I have had pain in my upper back which felt like a knife and burning pain down my left arm, which always went numb. Orthopedists told me I had herniated discs in my neck between C6-7. I tried massage and had two epidural injections with no help. Drugs and therapy gave no relief. The pain would wake me up every two hours. It was severe. I’ve had this pain for a year. My job is a carpenter and I also do concrete, requiring heavy physical work. Just moving my head to the left or bending to tie my shoe caused sharp pain.

Dr. Unruh looked at my x-rays and explained what the problem was. He recommended regular spinal decompression to my discs with his specialized Cox distraction instrument. The treatment was comfortable. Working with my spine and muscles, my burning pain gradually went away and now the numbness is also gone. My upper back is about 90% improved. I can’t believe it! Here I suffered a whole year. Thank God I don’t have to have surgery. I would have been laid up all summer and wouldn’t be able to go back to my business. Not to mention surgery doesn’t always fix the problem, often it makes it worse. The average surgery costs $158,000.00. Dr. Unruh not only has got rid of my back pain, but gave me my life and job back. Nobody should have surgery on their neck or back until they have seen Dr. Unruh. I’m sure glad I did.

Chiropractic Care

Here at A. Unruh Chiropractic, we specialize in correcting your body’s misalignments. Our goal is to ensure that your spine and the rest of your body are working harmoniously. To do so, we will help you develop a plan that will require light stretching, some exercise, chiropractic care, and a healthy diet.

It is our number one goal to have you healthy as quickly as possible. Every time that you enter our doors, we will evaluate how the last session went so that every appointment is a step in the right direction. No matter how you hurt yourself, we will find a comfortable way to safely help you.