If The Government Doesn’t Get Off Our Backs, The Whole Country Will Need A Chiropractor.

This book is a collection of one liners regarding sound economics to be given to all leaders in public office. It can be sent to state legislators, city council people, national leaders, and other local officials. Patients love to be informed of wit and humor regarding how the government is affecting their pocketbook.

The First Clean Sex Joke Book

This is a book about the number one talked about, read about, sung about subject but the least understood. Dr. Unruh wrote this book for his wife who is the Founder of the International Abstinence Clearinghouse – Patients love to read good clean humor about the difference between men and women and love and romance.

So You Think Your Job’s Bad

This is a book about work humor. Over fifty percent of the people do not like their jobs. Maybe it’s time to deal with work stress with seeing the humor in it. It beats fear motivation, and living on medication to deal with stress. Companies spend billions on dealing with employee motivation. This is a book everyone can relate to and enjoy. There are sections in this book that are highly motivational to encourage people to be entrepreneurs. An idea a day keeps the bill collector away.


Dr. Unruh had his first rib removed after a 27 inch blood clot developed in his arm from a racquetball injury. He knows what Adam went through. He made a rib necklace for each of his kids and wife to teach them how to CHOOSE to react to adversity. This is his collection of quotes, one-liners and poems on the subject of adversity. Good pilots aren’t made on clear days, good sailors aren’t made on smooth waters.

That’s Life

This is a collection of wacky sayings, witticisms, and non-sense. Even the wisest of men relish in a little non-sense. You have to learn to take the bitter with the sour. The frog said, ‘Life is sure fun when you’re having flies.” You must learn to roll with the punches if you are to be a survivor. Guaranteed to give your bathroom reading a chuckle.

Romance 101

Learn the basics of how to be romantic. Dr. Unruh shares all the things that don’t work from his own experience. A man needs to learn how to meet his wife’s needs and vice versa. This book has samples of romantic coupons, letters, gifts, and sayings. The right gift at the right moment can mean everything. Learn a woman’s love language. Too many are in a rut on this subject. A rut is a grave with the ends kicked out. The only difference between a rut and a grave is the depth.

Dr. Unruh is available to speak to your state convention, or special event.

Contact information
Dr. Allen Unruh
600 N. Western Ave.
Sioux Falls, SD 57104
Ph: 605-332-1962
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E mail: allen@draunruh.com
Web: www.draunruh.com

What others have said about Dr. Unruh:

You’re the Rodney Dangerfield of Chiropractic.

— Chiropractor at Palmer Homecoming

Dr. Unruh makes me laugh. He has one of the best collection of humor and delivery I have heard and knows how to entertain an audience.

— Adam Christing – President Clean Comedians, California

“We have a policy to never ask the same entertainment for our annual events, but Dr. Unruh by popular demand was the only entertainer we asked back for another year at our annual New Years gala of 600-800 people with clean entertainment people can relate to.”

Dr. Unruh entertained at our all-school reunion. It was one of the most entertaining events we have ever had. His humor is down to earth, but some of it is out of this world. You never know what he will say next.

— Darrel Klock – “Sioux Falls, SD.