Blog-October 23, 2019—Working on Wellness Wednesday—9-10

It’s a working on Wellness Wednesday—and we have a lot of ground to cover this morning—particularly with the weather changing—shots needed—-and precautions really needed to keep those you are around safe as well.

And that’s just one of the four topics we’ll cover.

Mary Michaels—City of Sioux Falls will lift the stage to the information.

She has made it clear—you need to get a flu shot—avoid coughing on others—washing your hands after coughing should be a must—and staying home not trying to go to work if you are going to spread germs.

She makes the point that Daylight Saving Time Ends in 2 weeks on November 2nd—it will be dark earlier and if you’re leaving work in the dark consider having a flashlight handy or check on safety/security procedures at your work site.

Prepare at home –get your heating system services and consider a carbon monoxide detector. If you don’t have one-there are combo smoke alarms/CO detectors.

Prepare your car checking the tires—keep gas tank full and have a winter emergency kit—booster cables, sand/cat litter for traction—and a small shovel.

Wear appropriate outdoor clothing dressing in layers—have the warm clothing in mittens, hats scarves and waterproof boots.

Prepare your body boosting the immune system with fruits and veggies—stay hydrated—don’t ditch workouts. Get that flu shot before the end of October 6 and older.

——–9:19—Jerrid Bruyer—Stanford Hearing—shares a new Comprehensive Care program—created to provide he necessary car and technology for our patients.

Treating hearing loss is a journey. It’s long term care—not like getting fit with glasses and your done.

Providers can spent up to 10-11 hours with a patient over a 3 year period. Patients come in 2-4 times a year on average for service and adjustments on the technology. This is critical in the treatment for hearing loss.

The plan was designed to get hearing aids for $99-$149 a month and then patients are able to get net technology—3-4 years later.

With the holidays coming up—its good to the start now so that you don’t miss the important sounds of the holidays.

9:32— a great story today for a Working on Wellness Wednesday.

Their was an announcement this week from Sioux Falls Sculpture Walk—about the winner of the 16th Annual People’s Choice Award.

Jeff Hansen will be with us share the remarkable story.

The Award went to Ohio Sculptor Gary Hovey—for his sculpture “Under Construction—created from knives, spoons, and forks—depicting beaves building a home for many creatures.

While Hovey’s sculptures inspire and entertain many—what people probably don’t know is his commitment to create great artwork while battling Parkinson’s – is even more inspiring.

This chapter of his car career began 10 years after the onset of Parkinson’s since.

He shared that he can’t work a regular job anymore and making his art gives him purpose—he really wants to inspire others to look for what they can do despite what has happened to them.

The awards are voted on by visitors to Sculpture Walk as their favorite sculpture and then purchased by the City of Sioux Falls to become a part of the city’s permanent collection of sculptures.

9:45—Dr. Allen Unruh joins us—we’ll talk Peripheral Neuropathy—

Natural Solution –No Drugs—surgeries or injections.

Many patients with Neuropathy report that their feet or hands feel just like the pictures you can see.

Peripheral Neuropathy is a condition affecting more than 30 million Americans and their condition is growing rapidly.

In clinics across the country a precise and effective system treating peripheral Neuropathy has been developed.

The program is helping thousands across the US with this debilitation condition.

Interventions and technology are designed to address multiple factors that can contribute to the development of Neuropathy and provide important ongoing relief for patients.

We close the hour with a nice word about the 113th Annual Sioux Falls Area Chamber of Commerce Banquet.

1700-1800 attended—to see the new Chair Bobbi Thury take control and challenge the 2200 members in the coming year to do even more.

I had a chance to sit at the table with her Legacy Law Firm Team—and they will provide the energy to keep doing what they do every day while Bobbi- takes care of their 4 kids—sets a course for our Sioux Falls Area—and who knows what all the team will accomplish.

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