Magnetic Pulse Therapy (MPT) is a well-established form of energy medicine. Extensive research has been conducted on it and pulsed magnetic machines have FDA approval as a medical device. As a treatment for healing bone and joint fractures, it is used routinely in both the U.S. and throughout Europe, in over forty countries world-wide. But its usefulness has been shown in clinical usage to be much more systemic to all functions of the body. The treatment works by addressing the underlying cause of all disease: stagnation at the cellular level. MPT improves cellular metabolism through encouraging a flow and release of cellular sluggishness. Bodily traffic jams are restored to an even flow of orderly transport of oxygen and nutrients to the whole system. Thus, MPT both detoxifies as well as promotes better absorption of nutrients. Exposing the cells to pulsed magnetic energy from a MPT will increase the cell’s energy, thus optimizing all its functions. Unlike both electric and electromagnetic fields, pure magnetic fields penetrate freely everywhere in the body.