Chiropractic care for infants and children is extremely important for several reasons. A baby first experiences micro-trauma to the spine before birth from something called intra-uterine constraint. This constraint may lead to bone, cartilage, muscle, and ligament deformity. On top of intra-uterine constraint, there is the additional stress of childbirth which increases even more with a cesarean section, or the use of a vacuum or forceps which often includes twisting and pulling on the baby’s neck and upper body.

Children’s bones are primarily made up of cartilage and continue to grow and develop until early adult years. There are several factors that can contribute to spinal changes, from rolling over, learning to sit up, crawling and learning to walk. Then when the child becomes even more active with running, riding bike, and playing sports; all of these things can affect the spine.

Children’s symptoms often show up in different forms than adults. When the spine is not in alignment, nerves cannot communicate properly between the brain and the body. Because of this, a child’s symptoms may manifest as back or neck soreness/stiffness, decreased immune capabilities, ear infections, colic, constipation, bedwetting, learning disorders, or they may not show any symptoms at all. With chiropractic adjustments we can ensure that the spine develops and the nervous system functions properly. Reports have shown that up to 28% of children have congenital birth defects which contribute to scoliosis, hip dysplasia, and torticollis. If we can prevent long-term alterations to the spine, the child will be healthier now and as an adult.