Dr. Allen Unruh is a Chiropractic Physician from Sioux Falls, SD in full time practice since 1970. In 2001-2003 he was president of the SDCA and initiated the “Free Choice Initiative” to challenge the Oligopoly in health care in the state of SD. He was awarded “Physician of the year” by the National Congressional committee. Dr. Unruh was a former candidate for the U.S. Congress.

Dr. Unruh is a member of the Council for National Policy and was a keynote speaker on health care reform at their conference. He has been the keynote speaker at the “Take Back America” conference with Phyllis Schlafley, The National Association of Women Legislators, and many other state rallies from Billings to Boston. He was a keynote speaker at the “Reclaiming America” conference where he and Leslee received the “Salt and Light” award.. He speaks with passion and conviction and his speeches are always laced with humor to demonstrate his points. Dr. Unruh won the national “miracle of the year” award at the Palmer College of Chiropractic for clinical excellence. He was one of 20 doctors treating world champion athletes at the famous Iron Man competition in Kona Hawaii.

He has done numerous national TV and Radio interviews including Fox News, National Public Radio, Bott Radio Network, Salem Communications, Focus on the Family, Richard Land Live, Point of View, Relevant Radio and Democracy Now.

Dr. Unruh has authored 6 books including, “If The Government Doesn’t Get Off Our Backs, The Whole Country Will Need A Chiropractor.” And “Laughter Is The Best Medicine.” Allen and his wife Leslee speak across the country on their book entitled “Romance 101” which highlights the importance of keeping humor within marriage. They have 5 grown children and 13 grandchildren which they consider to be their greatest accomplishments. Dr. Unruh’s hobbies are racquetball and stand up comedy.

Dr. Unruh’s Biography


  • Graduated National College of Chiropractic, Lombard, Ill. 1970
  • Practiced Elkton SD (1970-1975) Practicing in Sioux Falls SD since 1976
  • Past President SDCA
  • Started “Free Choice Initiative” in SD which uncovered discrimination against the Chiropractic profession utilizing tax dollars. An attorney general’s opinion revealed this is in violation of SD statute 58-17-54. This issue is currently on the agenda of the SDCA.
  • Past board member of the Chiropractic Council on Guidelines and Practice Parameters (CCGPP). Raised over $50,000.00 for this committee.
  • One of 5 committee members in the infamous Wilk Anti-trust committee which filed an anti-discrimination lawsuit against the AMA, FDA, American Hospital association, American Cancer society, American Osteopathic association, American physical therapy association (14 organizations in all). After over 100,000 hours of testimony resulted in a guilty verdict against the AMA resulting in an undisclosed amount of money given to the Chiropractic profession. Dr. Unruh and Dr. Wilk are the only two living members of that committee.


  • Spinal Trauma – 120 hours – Life Chiropractic College – Dr. Dan Murphy
  • Spinal Rehabilitation – University of Florida
  • Spinal Impairment Ratings – Nat’l association of Impairment Rating physicians.
  • Cox Distraction Technique
  • Active Release Technique for muscle and tendon injuries.
  • Extremity adjusting with Dr. Mally – Upper and lower extremities and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Athletes in Industry
  • National association of Industrial Consultants.
  • Dynamic Motion X-ray


  • Cox distraction instrument
  • Deep muscle stimulation
  • Class 1V laser therapy
  • Pulsed Electro-magnetic therapy
  • Pediatric Chiropractic care
  • Specialty pregnancy care.
  • MedX spinal rehabilitation – cervical and lumbar
  • Vax-D spinal decompression
  • AquaMed hydrotherapy
  • Ultrasound and E stimulation
  • Diathermy
  • Computerized gait analysis
  • Computerized functional capacity assessment.
  • BMR assessment
  • Standard x-ray and Dynamic Motion X-ray


  • Chiropractor of the year award – SDCA – 2013
  • Walt Wolf – Going the Distance Award
  • Mentor of the year award.
  • Miracle of the year award – Palmer College of Chiropractic
  • Physician of the year award by the National Republican Congressional Committee.
  • Chiropractic Fellowship Award – International Chiropractic Association – 2014


  • Humanitarian of the year award – the Alpha Center
  • Salt and Light Award – Reclaiming America – Ft. Lauderdale Florida – annual conference.
  • Leadership Award – from the National Vitae Foundation
  • Broward Co. Florida RTL – Pro-Life leadership award
  • Winner SD Jaycee Speak up award


  • Keynote speaker National Association of women Legislators – Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Keynote speaker Chiro Code seminar – Phoenix AZ
  • Speaker – Cox Distraction seminar – Ft Wayne, Indiana


  • Former Candidate for U.S. Congress –
  • Past Vice Chairman Minnehaha Co. Republican Party.
  • Precinct Committeeman – 40 years.
  • Delegate to 3 National Republican Conventions.
  • Past SD Chairman for two Candidates for President of the United States.
  • Leader of SD Tea Party Movement resulting in 4,500 people attending the first event which was the only state with a live re-enactment of the Boston Tea Party.
  • Was appointed national chairman for an event focusing on Obama Care for all states to host an event in Washington DC – this resulted in 1.9 million people attending this rally. Dr. Unruh was the second speaker at this event.
  • Keynote Speaker – American liberty conference by Phylis Shafly – St. Louis Missouri
  • Keynote speaker – council for National Policy – Austin Texas – Free Market alternatives in Health Care Reform.
  • Keynote speaker – the Boston Tea Party Rally – Boston Massachusetts.
  • Keynote speaker – Montana legislative conference on health care reform – University of Montana
  • Organized a Rally on Health Care Reform with National Speakers televised on Cable TV nationwide.
  • Speaker to the National Republican Congressional Committee
  • Banquet monologue and commentary – Council for National Policy – 2014, 2013


  • Appointed by Governor Miller to serve on the task force for High Risk assessment in insurance reform.
  • Appointed by Governor Rounds for the task force on abortion resulting in the Abortion Task Force Report – after reviewing over 3,500 pages of scientific evidence and hearing testimony from all over the world.


  • Started speaking out for the unborn in 1973 starting chapters all over the state of South Dakota and developed the TeleMax system of telephone communications relaying 5 minute messages for young people facing crisis pregnancies.
  • Founder of The Alpha Center in 1984 – a pregnancy care center in Sioux Falls SD – Became one of the largest in the country reaching up to 6000 clients/year. Offers free ultrasounds for pregnant women, hotline counseling 24 hrs/day 365 days/year, parenting classes, character development, post abortion counseling and basic material needs to people who go to the program through a “earn while you learn program”.
  • Co-founder – National Abstinence Clearinghouse – developing guidelines and criteria documents for abstinence education. Built up to 1,800 affiliates in 118 countries and hosting national conventions with over 1000 attendees/convention.
  • Dr. Unruh and his wife Leslee are instrumental in challenging South Dakota’s legislation on abortion. Their efforts have been instrumental in recruiting thousands of pro-life people in SD to assist in changing the laws in SD twice. They have won 7 issues in the 8th Federal Circuit court of appeals in St. Louis Mo. And are currently preparing to defend South Dakota’s legislation to protect women from coerced abortion in the 8th circuit in the near future with the chance to go to the U.S. Supreme Court.


  • Dr. Unruh has been interviewed on
  • SD public radio, Argus Leader, Rapid City Journal, Pierre Capital Journal, KELO TV, KSFY, KDLT, and KCPO TV.


  • Dr. Unruh has written over 60 brochures on Chiropractic education, clinical nutrition, and therapeutic exercises. He wrote “Chiropractic VS Anti-inflammatories, and How to Avoid Being A Victim of Failed Back Surgery.
  • He has authored the following books:
  • If the Government Doesn’t Get Off Our Backs, The Whole Country Will Need A Chiropractor
  • Laughter Is The Best Medicine
  • The First Clean Sex Quote and Joke Book
  • Adversity – A treasury of Literary collections to help overcome life’s challenges.
  • Father Power
  • So You think Your Job’s Bad
  • A DVD series entitled “The Finest Hour of Chiropractic Is Straight Ahead.”
  • He has created a 30 minute infomercial on Chiropractic with animation and winning the Tele Award for innovation in marketing from this infomercial.
  • He has created an APP titled the LOVE/LAUGH APP – LOVE/LAUGH/ABSTINENCE for cell phones. Everyone wants to be loved and everyone could use a laugh every day. These are 365 affirmations – one for every day of the year.


  • Myron Floren – of the Lawrence Welk Show
  • Randy Livingston – NBA basketball player
  • Chief Justice Supreme court, State of Alabama, the Honorable Justice Roy Moore.
  • The strongest man in the world – from Minneota Minn.
  • ESPN rodeo bull rider – from Dickenson ND
  • Former US Congressman Clint Roberts
  • Chairman of Board NRB
  • President of National FRC
  • Bobby Jones – NBA basketball star. A Chiropractor for All American Basketball players in Samara Russia against Russian teams.
  • World Champion athletes at the infamous IRONMAN competition in Kona Hawaii. Dr. Unruh was one of 20 Chiropractors treating these athletes for a week to prepare them for the race. Over 35,000 try out but only 1,500 qualify worldwide.


  • Dr. Unruh was a member of Rotary West for 30 years in Sioux Falls.
  • He was a member of the Lions club for 5 years.
  • As a member of the Sioux Falls Chamber of Commerce he served on the economic development committee.
  • He was asked to perform in the first annual South Dakota Business Has Talent for a fundraiser for the Sioux Falls Symphony – He did 10 minute monologue entitled: How To Be Romantic
  • He has been a Sunday School teacher at Faith Baptist Church.
  • Every year he plays in the Sioux Falls Tuba Christmas

Dr. Unruh and his wife Leslee have 5 grown children and 15 grand treasures. Two of his sons are Chiropractors -– Dr. Nathan Unruh in Sioux Falls SD and author of “Building A Better You – 7 Pillars of Wellness, and “Strike It” and Dr. Chace Unruh in Los Angeles, California, author of “The Life Diet” Live Long, Live Lean, and Maximize Your Potential. Dr. Unruh also has a brother who is a Chiropractor in St. Louis.

Racquetball, golf and stand up comedy, playing the guitar and banjo, reading and writing and last: Chiropractic is just a hobby – He’s still looking for work.