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The Adjustment and Distraction:

There is not a muscle, tendon, or bone Dr. Unruh is not trained to treat. All therapy is designed to be gentle and safe. But it depends if your pain is due to scar tissue that may need myofascial release in the muscle. Scar tissue glues your muscle fibers causing pain on movement. Restricted motion causes degeneration, deterioration and dehydration. Motion improves circulation, oxygen, nutrition and lubricating fluid to joints. It stimulates mechano-receptors which are nerve endings in the muscles, ligaments, joint capsules and discs. Chiropractors are MOTION SPECIALISTS. If movement causes pain, you tend not to move. The less you move, the weaker your muscles get, the weaker the muscles, the more stress affects it, and the more stress, the more pain. IT'S A VICIOUS CYCLE OF CHRONIC PAIN. We utilize trigger point therapy, percussion of muscles, and manipulation with distraction of the discs in the spine to relieve pressure on sensitive nerve roots. It's important to retrain muscle memory to improve maximum movement to restore function to the injured area.