Dr. Allen Unruh

Dr. Allen Unruh is a Chiropractic Physician from Sioux Falls, SD in full time practice since 1970. In 2001-2003 he was president of the SDCA and initiated the "Free Choice Initiative" to challenge the Oligopoly in health care in the state of SD. He was awarded "Physician of the year" by the National Congressional committee. Dr. Unruh was a former candidate for the U.S. Congress.

Dr. Unruh is a member of the Council for National Policy and was a keynote speaker on health care reform at their conference. He has been the keynote speaker at the "Take Back America" conference with Phyllis Schlafley,  The National Association of Women Legislators, and many other state rallies from Billings to Boston. He was a keynote speaker at the "Reclaiming America" conference where he and Leslee received the "Salt and Light"  award..    He speaks with passion and conviction and his speeches are always laced with humor to demonstrate his points.   Dr. Unruh won the national "miracle of the year" award at the Palmer College of Chiropractic for clinical excellence.   He was one of 20 doctors treating world champion athletes at the famous Iron Man competition in Kona Hawaii.  

He has done numerous national TV and Radio interviews including Fox News, National Public Radio, Bott Radio Network, Salem Communications, Focus on the Family, Richard Land Live, Point of View, Relevant Radio and Democracy Now.

Dr. Unruh has authored 6 books including, "If The Government Doesn't Get Off Our Backs,   The Whole Country Will Need A Chiropractor."  And "Laughter Is The Best Medicine."    Allen and his wife Leslee speak across the country on their book entitled "Romance 101" which highlights the importance of keeping humor within marriage.  They have 5 grown children and 13 grandchildren which they consider to be their greatest accomplishments. Dr. Unruh's hobbies are racquetball and stand up comedy.